Fake Petition to Revoke 2nd Amendment, Confiscate Legal Guns Gets Dozens of Signatures

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In yet another video demonstrating how some United States citizens are willing to sign away the Bill of Rights, Mark Dice asks people in Southern California to sign off on a fake petition that seeks to not only revoke the Second Amendment in its entirety and ban all legal guns (while preserving illegal guns), but initiative door-to-door confiscations of all legal firearms.

Not only an astounding demonstration of just how easily many citizens are willing to sign away their rights without even asking questions, but also an indication that many will simply go along with whatever they are told as long as it is pushed from a convincing perspective. For example, Mark utilizes emotional response to push even the most insane notions of door-to-door confiscation, the allowance of illegal weapons on the street, and more. Yet the people in the video do not even question it, instead signing onto the petition with their signature and other personal details.

In all of the individuals asked, one younger girl actually protested — stating that she owned a firearm and was not willing to sign away her Second Amendment right to possess a firearm for defensive purposes. To this, Mark jokingly says that she should instead trust the government to keep all of the guns and that, as a citizen, she has no right to even carry a weapon.

Signing Away The Second Amendment

The fact of the matter is that the public’s impression of firearms has been transformed by the mainstream media’s emotional appeal that forfeits any discussion of real data on the issue. Instead of discussing how only around 300 individuals are killed each year in the United States from all rifles combined, the media instead talks about the supposed use (it has since been revealed that the Sandy Hook shooter left the rifle in the car) of rifles in the Sandy Hook incident and how they should be banned.

Even the FBI has detailed how rifles and shotguns actually kill less per year than hammers, clubs, hands, and feet. Overall, the deaths from rifles and shotguns are actually quite low, whereas in places like Chicago where handgun bans have gone into effect, we see a large number (96%) of gun deaths being committed with illegal handguns from criminals. Meanwhile, the law-abiding citizens are disarmed.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is truly insane how badly we've gone down hill.

  2. Stew Knoles says:

    It’s amazing what people do not know. If the mainstream news would report everything instead of what they are told, the American people would not be the sheeple they are.

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