MSNBC Host: Your Children Belong to Collective

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In her latest education promo video, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry says that for far too long United States citizens have held the belief that their own children belong to them and are their responsibility, and instead insists that the answer to better education is for families to understand that the collective owns their children — not the families themselves.

This comes right after Melissa Harris-Perry, who is a professor at Tulane, also made headlines with her segment on how much money it takes for unborn babies which she considers ‘things” to “turn into a humann” after birth. A segment in which she physically breaks the egg representing the child before going on to talk about the economic consequences of “this thing turning” into a human. In the segment, she states:

“But the reality is that if this turns into a person, right, there are economic consequences, right?”

Now, Melissa Harris-Perry is touting a new concept about “things” that “turn into humans” and how they are not owned by the parents that gave birth to them, but the collective. It seems that the “things” that are children do belong to women when they’re inside the body, and are subject to death, but once out of the body and “turned into” a human, they then belong to the collective. In the video promotion, going under the slogan ‘Lean Forward’ by MSNBC, Perry proclaims that we have far too long held on to the notion that “these are our children.”

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The answer, she says, is to break through the “private idea that kids belong to their parents” and instead understand that the children belong to the collective.

Perry is a perfect example of someone who makes up the rules as they go along that are based on nothing but the same style of belief that she criticizes on her program each day. Classifying unborn children as non-human items that can be discounted due to their economic toll of several thousand dollars while ignoring real economic burdens that are adding trillions to the debt toll of the United States and then determining that upon birth these “things” are now humans that belong to the collective is just another example of pure emotion-driven insanity.



  1. Chris says:

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    They will mostly all tell you they obtained most of there knowledge after leaving school.

    If you are under 20 give yourself a short cut in life, go find many 70 year olds who have been there, done that, ask them how they did it.

    If you over 20, how good would life have been if you could be 15 again known everything you known now.

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    Mom and Dad need to look after son and daughter by providing them with everything they know, it’s the best gift you can give your children.

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    To those with knowledge, but not old enough to have wisdom and insight, be careful when handing out knowledge, do not give a 3 year old a container of petrol, and a box a matches and teach them how to light the matches, they will burn themselves and you to.

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