Former Obama Secret Service Agent Exposes Gun Control Agenda

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It is not very often that you see those relatively close to the Obama Administration speak out publicly over what they have experienced, but former US Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino has set a powerful precedent for agents of the Secret Service and even those close to the Obama Administration.

Bongino has been gaining popularity for deciding to withdraw from the Secret Service and instead call out the very man he once offered his life to protect for attacking the Second Amendment. In the speech above, which has been seen by over one hundred thousand people and likely many more thousands in duplicate videos posted around the web, Bongino explains his thoughts on the Constitution and how it is being attacked by politicians with no regard to the validity of the document.

Former Obama Secret Service: We Live In ‘Society of Wolves’

As Bongino puts in his passionate speech, the government is not the body that decides whether or not we can keep our rights that have been granted to us by God. Things such as freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and even the right to self-defense do not simply exist even just because they are written in the Constitution. Overall, the message is that these rights come from God and were not first allocated and generated following the drafting of the Constitution. One memorable quote from the speech, which highlights the necessity of the people to stand up for themselves, includes:

“We live in a society of wolves. You do not fight back by creating more sheep!”

Bongino also talks about how at one time he actually did not carry a weapon with him at all times, and that was his right to do so. More and more, even those who are not passionate about guns (and don’t even carry one themselves) are speaking out for a number of reasons — perhaps the most important of which is to protect the rest of the Bill of Rights from similar attacks via legislation and executive orders. Rights like the Fourth Amendment, which is now being stripped away by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the guise of national security.

At one time, Dan Bongino was also in the running for the position of Senator in Annapolis, Maryland.



  1. Chris says:

    Dan Bongino is on to it

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  3. CLARK says:


  4. LocalHero says:

    Terrific, passionate speech but I disagree with him wholeheartedly about the military. I will not voluntarily give a single nickel to fund the maniacal, rampant slaughter and subjugation of hundreds of thousands (more likely, millions) around the world by the US war machine. I stopped filing & paying taxes almost 10 years ago for exactly that reason and never will again until the US military is entirely abolished.

  5. Guest says:

    Spot-on, except about soldiers dying to protect our rights. That has not happened since the RevWar. Every war since then has been a war to expand empire or to enrich the military industrial complex. Also, the vote is a joke. Heck, it was obligatory to vote in the Soviet Union. How meaninful was that? Our elections are rigged. Look what happened to Ron Paul's supporters – disenfranchised by the establishment Dumboes.

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